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lazy day in korea

so i already left japan behind me and went on to korea... which was quite hard because it was a... weiterlesen

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rainy weather force me to blog ;)

here we to go to entry nr 3... how lazy i am.... what about seoul.... it's a very interesting city w... weiterlesen

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pictures seoul

hello hello, here the link to the pictures from seoul... greetings from sooooooo humid bangkok&... weiterlesen

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welcome to laos

hey ho... sitting in the bed in northlaos and recovering from stomach problems after eating a delici... weiterlesen

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sleeples night in norh laos

so this was written on the 20-10-09... i was unable to upload it so i do it now and write an actual ... weiterlesen

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the gibbon experience

so we went to the jungle und it was great as it was wasting me... after a wild ride with the jeep to... weiterlesen

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