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lazy day in korea

so i already left japan behind me and went on to korea... which was quite hard because it was almost directly from the karaoke bar to the airport (thanks to evita and horny *gg*)... what a long day... which made me badly organized for my ongoing trip to korea and caused that i've been stucked in the immegration office at the seoul airport for 2 hours... i'm really looking forward for my leavage because i should have called the immegration office which i didn't did so far... however... after an unusual high alcohol consumption in tokyo i promised myself to change that in korea... it stays with the promise... it's to cheap and there are too many occasions for not drinking... so my real sighseeing part will start from tomorrow and what i've seen so far ==> seoul is quite nice... it's not that clean as japan but you will get an impression from the city when i pick the pictures online on facebook.... the travelling is quite fine up to now  and i met tons of interesting people so far which seems not to change soon... ;-)...... best wishes to everybody staying home or travelling somewhere else.... btw... take care if you're going out wih homer, israel and drunkie....;-) to the great theatre in the university district ;-).....

here you can the japan pictures on facebook:



4.10.09 11:37


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