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the gibbon experience

so we went to the jungle und it was great as it was wasting me... after a wild ride with the jeep to the base camp, including some walking down the slippery street, we started to set 2 groups and we made right at the beginning a very good decision and set up a group which couldn't fit better... we had mum and dad from australia, the royal dutch couple, the belgium girlies, the russian general + the young and innocent ME from austria. so we started hiking and everbody was looking at the good sandwich in our guides hand... hmmmmm.... we went through thrilling (not chilling) rivers and lost nobody so far... after a while we got the sandwich and a break ==> everybody was happy... after a long, exhausting and leechiing (no english) walk we arrived at the waterfall.... it wasn't the clear blue water but it was nice and very refreshing after the walk in the breathtaking beautiful jungle...

on this way i want to thank the leeches which entertained us for hours and also for the free blood refreshment...

after lunch we headed to our treehouse and started with the first gliding on the ropes... wow.. how fast and cool that was... see the movies... the screaming tone wasn't any kind of bird it was us.... so we get to the treehouse and arranged the beds according to the couples... so the russian general and i became a couple and shared a nice matrace under a very nature looking moskito net (blanket)... so the first day was gone and we went to sleep, more or less....

the second day started very early around 6 in the morning, correct if i'm wrong ruth... we went on trekking but there were no animals around except our best friends the leeches... after the morning exercise we got back to the treehouse for breakfast and moved on to the next place for the night... the next treehouse was on 2 levels so the royal dutch family slept in the penthouse and the rest stayed downstairs... which made no difference.. i had my second night to share with my russian buddy and i have no idea how i ever should fall asleep without him next to me ;-).. will be hard time, hrhrhrhrhr... this night i slept very good and get used to my own smell, hmmmm....

the 3rd day started also very early and we went for trekking again... this time we didn't see something but we heard a big roar and loud cracking things next to us... we didn't know what it was but it seems to be big... this day we realized that the good smelling shoes keeps the leeches away from us.. not from all.... i think the leeches which went on my shoes died straight ahead ;-).... after breakfast we went on the way to the base camp to return to civilisation... with a lot of funny sliding on the way and not almost no leeches (you see i write so much of them, i put them really into my heart)...

happy that we're back to the civilisation and get a good shower soon i think we all can look back to a very pleasant time with a lot of gorgeous nature, not that much animals but a very lovely group which got a nice place in my heart....

i go on the bus to luang nahmta and will take a good, long shower there...

cheerio the jungle king, uga-uga-uga


pictures slow boat: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2036991&id=1460245199&l=56ee80dcd9

the link for the pictures from the gibbon will follow soon

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