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last days in lao

oooooohhhhhh.... i'm so lazy..........i should write much more on my blog but as you know one time lazy always lazy ... so what happened the last time... hmm... a lot... after i the gibbon experience i went to luang nahtma for 1 night and headed down to luang prabang where, what a surprise, i met almost the whole people from the gibbon experience again.. except the russian general .... and there i saw the phenomenon that belgium and australien girls/ladies do the same thing as austrian => shop until they drop!! ooh yes steve, hah after that i went back down to vientiane and from there down to pakxe with the exciting night sleeping bus... the beds were made for asian people and not for the longer western people... after the ride i felt like a snake man in the circus after unwrapping me out of a shoe box.... i arrived around 6 in the morning and let's go for guesthouse search... what a funny thing at that time... there i met ginger and penelope which had been my travel partners for the next days... hola california... they are used to austrian so i think we worked out quite well ... we rent some motorbikes and penelope got some lessons how to ride that thing and ended up with an automatic... which was very comfortable, no shifting just throttle and break.. i took the semi automatic which is stronger due to my passenger on the back... the next day we went up to the bolaven plateau und it wouldn't be me if not something stupid happened, i was running out of money.. on the other hand the girls too... so we looked for an atm in paksong, OK... we have to go back the 50km to pakxe an find an atm there... which we did the next day with a terrible hangover... the night before we went out for some beer and it ended up in a so called "karaoke" bar drinking a lot with the local laos youth people from the town... oooooohhhhh it's so long time ago and i can hardly remember... too much lao lao and laobeer in between ... at paksong we wanted to visit the waterfalls but we didn't do it... tooo lazy, tired and still hangover... hahaha.... the day after we went on to tad lo waterfalls... wow what a f**** dirty road to got there and so dusty... the type of motorbikes we had were not really the ideal thing for such a road but we went slow and arrived save at our destination "tad lo".. where we spend 3 days of relaxing, drinking and a lot of card playing... still pissed that i lost so often against penelope ..... after that i went back to pakxe without much sightseeing but with pleasant minds of the last days... back in pakxe back to the daily routine and get drunk in the evening... there are so many thirsty people around here... the next day i had a hangover i haven't had for a long time so i postponed my trip to the 4000 islands for 1 more day... at this time i realized that my laos visa is running out and i have to leave the country withing the next 3 days... so i went down to the islands and find a nice silent place to stay.... the islands are very beautiful and i was "happy" very often... who was there knows what it means.... after that i went down to cambodia where i'm now... which tooks me 14 instead of 10 hours.... but this is another entry..

fotos gibbon: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2036994&id=1460245199&l=c7f749e715

fotos motorbike: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2038592&id=1460245199&l=510995d33e

fotos 4000 islands: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2038617&id=1460245199&l=65a633c426

fotos gibbons: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2038785&id=1460245199&l=6aa5d7dc81



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the gibbon experience

so we went to the jungle und it was great as it was wasting me... after a wild ride with the jeep to the base camp, including some walking down the slippery street, we started to set 2 groups and we made right at the beginning a very good decision and set up a group which couldn't fit better... we had mum and dad from australia, the royal dutch couple, the belgium girlies, the russian general + the young and innocent ME from austria. so we started hiking and everbody was looking at the good sandwich in our guides hand... hmmmmm.... we went through thrilling (not chilling) rivers and lost nobody so far... after a while we got the sandwich and a break ==> everybody was happy... after a long, exhausting and leechiing (no english) walk we arrived at the waterfall.... it wasn't the clear blue water but it was nice and very refreshing after the walk in the breathtaking beautiful jungle...

on this way i want to thank the leeches which entertained us for hours and also for the free blood refreshment...

after lunch we headed to our treehouse and started with the first gliding on the ropes... wow.. how fast and cool that was... see the movies... the screaming tone wasn't any kind of bird it was us.... so we get to the treehouse and arranged the beds according to the couples... so the russian general and i became a couple and shared a nice matrace under a very nature looking moskito net (blanket)... so the first day was gone and we went to sleep, more or less....

the second day started very early around 6 in the morning, correct if i'm wrong ruth... we went on trekking but there were no animals around except our best friends the leeches... after the morning exercise we got back to the treehouse for breakfast and moved on to the next place for the night... the next treehouse was on 2 levels so the royal dutch family slept in the penthouse and the rest stayed downstairs... which made no difference.. i had my second night to share with my russian buddy and i have no idea how i ever should fall asleep without him next to me ;-).. will be hard time, hrhrhrhrhr... this night i slept very good and get used to my own smell, hmmmm....

the 3rd day started also very early and we went for trekking again... this time we didn't see something but we heard a big roar and loud cracking things next to us... we didn't know what it was but it seems to be big... this day we realized that the good smelling shoes keeps the leeches away from us.. not from all.... i think the leeches which went on my shoes died straight ahead ;-).... after breakfast we went on the way to the base camp to return to civilisation... with a lot of funny sliding on the way and not almost no leeches (you see i write so much of them, i put them really into my heart)...

happy that we're back to the civilisation and get a good shower soon i think we all can look back to a very pleasant time with a lot of gorgeous nature, not that much animals but a very lovely group which got a nice place in my heart....

i go on the bus to luang nahmta and will take a good, long shower there...

cheerio the jungle king, uga-uga-uga


pictures slow boat: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2036991&id=1460245199&l=56ee80dcd9

the link for the pictures from the gibbon will follow soon

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sleeples night in norh laos

so this was written on the 20-10-09... i was unable to upload it so i do it now and write an actual one... read in between and news follow asap:





so today we have the 14th it's 1AM, i can't sleep and i'm travelling for more than 3 weeks now... my travel is always bringing new exciting things with every new spot i discover... the last 2 days i had been trapped on a so called slow boat going up from luang prabang to houay xay.... sitting on a wooden bench for about 9 hours a day is really great... playing "shithead" (card game) for hours or watching the lovely scenery was the only thing you can do.. OK, the scenery is going to be boring after 5-7 hours watching it... so i hang my legs out of the boat and tried to get some sleep... i got some, hrhrhrh... after the night stopover in pakpeng we headed to houay xay the next day, wow what an exciting city with almost nothing than the ferry to thailand... good that i had the french with me.... but tomorrow everything is going to change... hrhrhhrhrhr.... it's gibbon express time which means to slide over ropes and sleep in tree houses 150m above the ground.... to do hiking in the real deep jungle and bathing in waterfalls you usually never see... aaaaaahhhhh..... this will be great and for sure i'll put a lot of pictures on facebook.... tomorrow i have to say good bey to my lovely french mates i met in luang prabang but alex we will see us again in new zealand and there is no illness acceptable ... be a good one and take the pills i gave you for the stomach ;O..... hmmmm... i'm writing and not getting tired... i guess too much excited.... my stomach is good again and i ate yoghurt without running to the toilet afterwards... good sign... it's so incredible hot here and the humidity is going to kill me.... 2 steps and i have a water loss of about 29 liter.... except the big moskitos the rest is fine and after a very good laos style fondue and a few beer you should rest good.... which is not the case as you can read..... so i really have to get some sleep to be ready.....

see you

the happy traveller

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welcome to laos

hey ho... sitting in the bed in northlaos and recovering from stomach problems after eating a delicious coconut dumpling... oookkkk.... so what happened the last days.. hmm... bangkok wast just a station to organize the ongoing trip to laos and so i didn't see that much from the city... on saturday night i took the night train from bangkok to nong khai at the border to laos... i went quite late to the train station to buy a ticket so i only got a seater and no sleeper.... additional i got the worst seat in the waggon... so i recommend to wait a day if you don't get a sleeper waggon or take the vip bus to nong khai... after 11 hours, less sleep and freezing night (the aircon was blowing on me with soft 10°C).. i arrived at nong khai train station..... there i took a coffee to wake up and to went on to the laos border... so i took a seat on the stairs, many people around me and i didn't recognized that something was gone without my notice... later on i realized that my watch got legs... sh***... so i travel without watch for now.... a little bit lighter *grrr* i went on the bus to the border and entered laos after making the "visa on arrival" without any further problems... there i met a swiss-austrian couple which was very good so i could speak "styrian"... so we shared a tuk tuk and went on to vientiane the capital of laos... after finding a really good hostel we went on to do some sightseeing and saw the main city within 3 hours... this city is looking like a village and has no touch of a capital city at all... it is very nice and there are a lot of temples but no mc donalds which is mandatory to call a city a capital city ;-).... the next day was biking day.. with a bike i visited the a bit far away sights and was sweating like crazy... the temperatures were around 31°C and almost 100% humidity... every day and every time... in the evening we went out for great dinner with a mekong river view and i ate the best tasting fish in my life.... really, this fish was so fantastic... hmmmm.... in the same evening it was time to said good by to the couple "jürg i hope you're both still alive" and the next day i took the vip bus to the north of laos, exactly to luang prabang... vip bus, haha... old f***** bus with not good working aircon... really done and with a good stomach i arrived in luang prabang... there i put myself to 2 french to find a place to stay... after a while we found a hostel and the rooms are not good but....... so yesterday we went on a boat trip to a cave with a lot of buddhas and a whisky destillery... the boat trip was great and the nature is fantastic here... after the boat and cave visit we went further on the kuang si waterfall where we spend the whole afternoon.... this thing was really amazing and we took the opportunity to take a bath in the bright blue water... the water was a bit chilly but very very refreshing after the hike up to the water falls... in the evening we went to a vegetarian buffet to get some cheap food and beer.... cheap means 0,5€ for a plate of vegetarian food... and it was really good... but this street stands are very rare in luang prabang and you're partially forced to eat in restaurant which have almost european prices... so if anyone tells you laos is sssooooo cheap remind him that this was 10 years ago... it's far more expensive the thailand... so we went on for a another beer and then to bed because today we had to be prepared for the elefant riding... and this was really amazing.. to ride on such a big thing... we had been 3 people on the elefant and i got the seat on the neck... whick is the less shacking place but my butt realy hurts after 90 min of sitting on this big thing... it was really fun and i recommend to everybody to do this if you have the chance... the afternoon was booked to do some walking around the city and do visit the temples... but first we wanted something do eat... bad decision.... we went to a dumpling seller on the street and alex and i bought a dumpling filled with coconut... after that we got some fruit shake... it doesn't take long whan alex and i got stomache problems which were really painful... amandine was happy and good mood because she didn't ate anything... so alex and i went back to the hostel to get a rest and recover for tomorrow which should be the last day for me in luang prabang... i try to take a 2 day slow boat up to houay xai and further to the north to the less developed sites of laos... which means no internet, telephone and electricity only ´during a few hours a day..... which is going to fun for sure.... so it means i'm really fine enjoy my trip and hope it's going that good all the time... best wishes to all people home and a save trip to all the other travellers... smile for a while...

pictures will follow when i get a good internet connection... 



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pictures seoul

hello hello,

 here the link to the pictures from seoul...

greetings from sooooooo humid bangkok




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rainy weather force me to blog ;)

here we to go to entry nr 3... how lazy i am.... what about seoul.... it's a very interesting city which i highly recommend to visit... starting from seoul tower, into the jail (only museum now ), the former kings palace, to the war memorial museum and ending with the great spa's and the public naked bathing.... i only got a small impression of seoul but what i saw was very good... it's totally different from tokyo or better said a totally different world.... the food wasn't that bad but it didn't hit my taste so i ate a lot of instant noodles from the paper bucket, or from dunkin.. which is not bad.... the 2 best things i did in seoul were the war memorial museum and the spa... the museum is thrilling, exciting and let you think at the same time.. i spend 3 hours there and it was far to short... you can go through for almost a day and you'll be not bored to learn about partly really tragic history of korea... afterwards you go to the spa and you'll see that this is different than the thing we call spa... ok there is a lot for the beauty stuff (which i don't need because it doesn't help anymore *ggg*).... and there are also saunas and pools... the funniest thing is that you have to wear clothes when you go to gender mixed area... it's very interesting to sit in a room with over 45°C and wearing shorts and t-shirt... after the sauna i wanted to rest and was looking for the beds.....hmmm... where are they?... and the answer was very simple... there are no beds... you have to lay on the heated stones on the floor... OOOKKKKK....... get some iced coffee... aaaahhhh.... and than up to the men's only area.... very hot pools, sauna and big big bathroom where you can wash yourself staying, sitting, laying or however you like.... this was such a nice experience to shave, brush your teeth, etc... with all the people together and this is so normal for them nobody recognized me.. ok, i looked a little bit different than the korean.... a little bit ..... you go out shaved, cleaned and feel you were new born... it's really funny and an unforgettable experience....   the day after i took the plane to got to bangkok where i am sitting now...

 cheers and more beers

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lazy day in korea

so i already left japan behind me and went on to korea... which was quite hard because it was almost directly from the karaoke bar to the airport (thanks to evita and horny *gg*)... what a long day... which made me badly organized for my ongoing trip to korea and caused that i've been stucked in the immegration office at the seoul airport for 2 hours... i'm really looking forward for my leavage because i should have called the immegration office which i didn't did so far... however... after an unusual high alcohol consumption in tokyo i promised myself to change that in korea... it stays with the promise... it's to cheap and there are too many occasions for not drinking... so my real sighseeing part will start from tomorrow and what i've seen so far ==> seoul is quite nice... it's not that clean as japan but you will get an impression from the city when i pick the pictures online on facebook.... the travelling is quite fine up to now  and i met tons of interesting people so far which seems not to change soon... ;-)...... best wishes to everybody staying home or travelling somewhere else.... btw... take care if you're going out wih homer, israel and drunkie....;-) to the great theatre in the university district ;-).....

here you can the japan pictures on facebook:



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