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rainy weather force me to blog ;)

here we to go to entry nr 3... how lazy i am.... what about seoul.... it's a very interesting city which i highly recommend to visit... starting from seoul tower, into the jail (only museum now ), the former kings palace, to the war memorial museum and ending with the great spa's and the public naked bathing.... i only got a small impression of seoul but what i saw was very good... it's totally different from tokyo or better said a totally different world.... the food wasn't that bad but it didn't hit my taste so i ate a lot of instant noodles from the paper bucket, or from dunkin.. which is not bad.... the 2 best things i did in seoul were the war memorial museum and the spa... the museum is thrilling, exciting and let you think at the same time.. i spend 3 hours there and it was far to short... you can go through for almost a day and you'll be not bored to learn about partly really tragic history of korea... afterwards you go to the spa and you'll see that this is different than the thing we call spa... ok there is a lot for the beauty stuff (which i don't need because it doesn't help anymore *ggg*).... and there are also saunas and pools... the funniest thing is that you have to wear clothes when you go to gender mixed area... it's very interesting to sit in a room with over 45°C and wearing shorts and t-shirt... after the sauna i wanted to rest and was looking for the beds.....hmmm... where are they?... and the answer was very simple... there are no beds... you have to lay on the heated stones on the floor... OOOKKKKK....... get some iced coffee... aaaahhhh.... and than up to the men's only area.... very hot pools, sauna and big big bathroom where you can wash yourself staying, sitting, laying or however you like.... this was such a nice experience to shave, brush your teeth, etc... with all the people together and this is so normal for them nobody recognized me.. ok, i looked a little bit different than the korean.... a little bit ..... you go out shaved, cleaned and feel you were new born... it's really funny and an unforgettable experience....   the day after i took the plane to got to bangkok where i am sitting now...

 cheers and more beers

9.10.09 13:34


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