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welcome to laos

hey ho... sitting in the bed in northlaos and recovering from stomach problems after eating a delicious coconut dumpling... oookkkk.... so what happened the last days.. hmm... bangkok wast just a station to organize the ongoing trip to laos and so i didn't see that much from the city... on saturday night i took the night train from bangkok to nong khai at the border to laos... i went quite late to the train station to buy a ticket so i only got a seater and no sleeper.... additional i got the worst seat in the waggon... so i recommend to wait a day if you don't get a sleeper waggon or take the vip bus to nong khai... after 11 hours, less sleep and freezing night (the aircon was blowing on me with soft 10°C).. i arrived at nong khai train station..... there i took a coffee to wake up and to went on to the laos border... so i took a seat on the stairs, many people around me and i didn't recognized that something was gone without my notice... later on i realized that my watch got legs... sh***... so i travel without watch for now.... a little bit lighter *grrr* i went on the bus to the border and entered laos after making the "visa on arrival" without any further problems... there i met a swiss-austrian couple which was very good so i could speak "styrian"... so we shared a tuk tuk and went on to vientiane the capital of laos... after finding a really good hostel we went on to do some sightseeing and saw the main city within 3 hours... this city is looking like a village and has no touch of a capital city at all... it is very nice and there are a lot of temples but no mc donalds which is mandatory to call a city a capital city ;-).... the next day was biking day.. with a bike i visited the a bit far away sights and was sweating like crazy... the temperatures were around 31°C and almost 100% humidity... every day and every time... in the evening we went out for great dinner with a mekong river view and i ate the best tasting fish in my life.... really, this fish was so fantastic... hmmmm.... in the same evening it was time to said good by to the couple "jürg i hope you're both still alive" and the next day i took the vip bus to the north of laos, exactly to luang prabang... vip bus, haha... old f***** bus with not good working aircon... really done and with a good stomach i arrived in luang prabang... there i put myself to 2 french to find a place to stay... after a while we found a hostel and the rooms are not good but....... so yesterday we went on a boat trip to a cave with a lot of buddhas and a whisky destillery... the boat trip was great and the nature is fantastic here... after the boat and cave visit we went further on the kuang si waterfall where we spend the whole afternoon.... this thing was really amazing and we took the opportunity to take a bath in the bright blue water... the water was a bit chilly but very very refreshing after the hike up to the water falls... in the evening we went to a vegetarian buffet to get some cheap food and beer.... cheap means 0,5€ for a plate of vegetarian food... and it was really good... but this street stands are very rare in luang prabang and you're partially forced to eat in restaurant which have almost european prices... so if anyone tells you laos is sssooooo cheap remind him that this was 10 years ago... it's far more expensive the thailand... so we went on for a another beer and then to bed because today we had to be prepared for the elefant riding... and this was really amazing.. to ride on such a big thing... we had been 3 people on the elefant and i got the seat on the neck... whick is the less shacking place but my butt realy hurts after 90 min of sitting on this big thing... it was really fun and i recommend to everybody to do this if you have the chance... the afternoon was booked to do some walking around the city and do visit the temples... but first we wanted something do eat... bad decision.... we went to a dumpling seller on the street and alex and i bought a dumpling filled with coconut... after that we got some fruit shake... it doesn't take long whan alex and i got stomache problems which were really painful... amandine was happy and good mood because she didn't ate anything... so alex and i went back to the hostel to get a rest and recover for tomorrow which should be the last day for me in luang prabang... i try to take a 2 day slow boat up to houay xai and further to the north to the less developed sites of laos... which means no internet, telephone and electricity only ´during a few hours a day..... which is going to fun for sure.... so it means i'm really fine enjoy my trip and hope it's going that good all the time... best wishes to all people home and a save trip to all the other travellers... smile for a while...

pictures will follow when i get a good internet connection... 



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