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sleeples night in norh laos

so this was written on the 20-10-09... i was unable to upload it so i do it now and write an actual one... read in between and news follow asap:





so today we have the 14th it's 1AM, i can't sleep and i'm travelling for more than 3 weeks now... my travel is always bringing new exciting things with every new spot i discover... the last 2 days i had been trapped on a so called slow boat going up from luang prabang to houay xay.... sitting on a wooden bench for about 9 hours a day is really great... playing "shithead" (card game) for hours or watching the lovely scenery was the only thing you can do.. OK, the scenery is going to be boring after 5-7 hours watching it... so i hang my legs out of the boat and tried to get some sleep... i got some, hrhrhrh... after the night stopover in pakpeng we headed to houay xay the next day, wow what an exciting city with almost nothing than the ferry to thailand... good that i had the french with me.... but tomorrow everything is going to change... hrhrhhrhrhr.... it's gibbon express time which means to slide over ropes and sleep in tree houses 150m above the ground.... to do hiking in the real deep jungle and bathing in waterfalls you usually never see... aaaaaahhhhh..... this will be great and for sure i'll put a lot of pictures on facebook.... tomorrow i have to say good bey to my lovely french mates i met in luang prabang but alex we will see us again in new zealand and there is no illness acceptable ... be a good one and take the pills i gave you for the stomach ;O..... hmmmm... i'm writing and not getting tired... i guess too much excited.... my stomach is good again and i ate yoghurt without running to the toilet afterwards... good sign... it's so incredible hot here and the humidity is going to kill me.... 2 steps and i have a water loss of about 29 liter.... except the big moskitos the rest is fine and after a very good laos style fondue and a few beer you should rest good.... which is not the case as you can read..... so i really have to get some sleep to be ready.....

see you

the happy traveller

22.10.09 13:25


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