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last days in lao

oooooohhhhhh.... i'm so lazy..........i should write much more on my blog but as you know one time lazy always lazy ... so what happened the last time... hmm... a lot... after i the gibbon experience i went to luang nahtma for 1 night and headed down to luang prabang where, what a surprise, i met almost the whole people from the gibbon experience again.. except the russian general .... and there i saw the phenomenon that belgium and australien girls/ladies do the same thing as austrian => shop until they drop!! ooh yes steve, hah after that i went back down to vientiane and from there down to pakxe with the exciting night sleeping bus... the beds were made for asian people and not for the longer western people... after the ride i felt like a snake man in the circus after unwrapping me out of a shoe box.... i arrived around 6 in the morning and let's go for guesthouse search... what a funny thing at that time... there i met ginger and penelope which had been my travel partners for the next days... hola california... they are used to austrian so i think we worked out quite well ... we rent some motorbikes and penelope got some lessons how to ride that thing and ended up with an automatic... which was very comfortable, no shifting just throttle and break.. i took the semi automatic which is stronger due to my passenger on the back... the next day we went up to the bolaven plateau und it wouldn't be me if not something stupid happened, i was running out of money.. on the other hand the girls too... so we looked for an atm in paksong, OK... we have to go back the 50km to pakxe an find an atm there... which we did the next day with a terrible hangover... the night before we went out for some beer and it ended up in a so called "karaoke" bar drinking a lot with the local laos youth people from the town... oooooohhhhh it's so long time ago and i can hardly remember... too much lao lao and laobeer in between ... at paksong we wanted to visit the waterfalls but we didn't do it... tooo lazy, tired and still hangover... hahaha.... the day after we went on to tad lo waterfalls... wow what a f**** dirty road to got there and so dusty... the type of motorbikes we had were not really the ideal thing for such a road but we went slow and arrived save at our destination "tad lo".. where we spend 3 days of relaxing, drinking and a lot of card playing... still pissed that i lost so often against penelope ..... after that i went back to pakxe without much sightseeing but with pleasant minds of the last days... back in pakxe back to the daily routine and get drunk in the evening... there are so many thirsty people around here... the next day i had a hangover i haven't had for a long time so i postponed my trip to the 4000 islands for 1 more day... at this time i realized that my laos visa is running out and i have to leave the country withing the next 3 days... so i went down to the islands and find a nice silent place to stay.... the islands are very beautiful and i was "happy" very often... who was there knows what it means.... after that i went down to cambodia where i'm now... which tooks me 14 instead of 10 hours.... but this is another entry..

fotos gibbon: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2036994&id=1460245199&l=c7f749e715

fotos motorbike: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2038592&id=1460245199&l=510995d33e

fotos 4000 islands: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2038617&id=1460245199&l=65a633c426

fotos gibbons: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2038785&id=1460245199&l=6aa5d7dc81



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