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I'M IN SINGAPORE, and i reached my final destination in asia... but there had a lot of things happened between my last entry and my arrival here.... so i went from laos down to cambodia and started my cambodia travel in the capital, phnem penh... which is totally different to all laos... it's loud, it's more dirty, many cars and there is a KFC... but what is here to see... a few temples, the indepency monument, the kings palace and at least the horrible S21, toul sleng... the first day i spend in my aircon room and enjoyed the TV with english movies... yeaaahhhh.... i need a break and get some food which i hopefully will not throw up again (food poisoning)..... ok, where have i been.. hmm... ahja, phnom penh... the real sights at phnom penh are S21 and the killing fields... but what is S21 alias Toul Sleng... it is the most famous and brutal interrogation prison from the former khmer rouge where in almost 4 years 14.000 people were killed.. only around 7 survived... so i went there to see how it is... i arrived went through the first rooms and suddenly i felt really sad and could get a slight imagination of the horror the people went through which were imprisoned at this time.... with all the pictures of dead bodies, the partially detailed descriptions how the people had been tortured and the barbwire on the corridors to avoid the prisoners commit suizide this place is really sad....... the next day i went to the killing fields outside of phnom penh.. here they brought the prisoners from S21 to execute und burried them there... it's a horrible place which has a lot of tension in the air and keeps you thinking for a while.... the rest of the time in phnom penh i spend with meeting people and go with them for a tuktuk drive (including bottles of vine) in the night.... after phnom penh i went to siem reap to visit the temples... time for templing..hoihohoho.... so i went up to siem reap and didn't expect that.... heat, humidity and no wind..... wow... it was like in all the other places i had been the last weeks ... as cheap as i am i didn't spend money for a room with aircon.. i hated myself for that later in the evening... so i was 3 days there and spend 2 days in the temple... everybody told me like an old dad from the marines "son, take minimum 3 days to visit the temple, you will be so overhelmed from the temples that you cannot do it faster".... actually i was overhelmed that i only visited the temples for 2 days and didn't use the 3rd day of my 3 day pass.... the temples are really cooooollllll.... but honestly, you must be really in to it to have fun 3 days looking at old stones... don't missunderstand my dear readers (i hope there are more than my sister) the temples are awesome, but..... if you have far above 30°C and air humidity of nearly 100% you're fed up after a while... so me and my dutch laywer travel mate decided to move on to battambang for a few days to relax... which we did... what about battambang, hmmmmm..... there is nothing really to tell about it... it's a bit south western of siem reap and there is nothing... except a good small hotel with pool and aircon... hahaha... which was the most visited place from my side the last few days in cambodia beside a motorbike tour through the surroundings of battambang... which was nice because i went of the track and spend about 3 hours on a dirty road..... on the 22nd i left to bangkok.... i didn't felt very well there.. i arrived in bangkok, pale and with no food in my stomach anymore... which didn't changed for the next days.... so i spend a lovely night in bangkok occupied by sleeping, fever attacks and womiting..... the day after i flew to singapore.... i was really afraid to fly this time... i had no idea what my body will do next to compromise me... but... he was nice and did nothing, except feeling bad... so in went to the check in counter and see there they ugraded me to business again... nice airline... and i had no chance to use all the good food and wine the offered there... waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh..... that sucks.... you get all the realllllyyyyy goooood stuffffff and you cannot eat or drink it.... everybody around me was eating and drinking... what about me? a glass of water and some bread.... OK, i also ate the cake from the lunch... but that's it, except on baileys... i couldn't stop myself to order and to drink it.... hmmmmmm....... so i'm in singapore now and take it easy... do some shopping, a bit of sightseeing and maybe going out a bit if my body says: hey dude let's rock'n roll!!!!

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