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singapore, brisbane and more

so here i am again... sitting on the upper bed and try to write down my experiences from the last 2 weeks... it's pretty hard to remember because the last 10 days were heavy and i think i slowly get a brain damage from the tons of alcohol....

ok, getting serious... i spend a few days in singapore only recovering from a food poisoning... costs me almost 3 days only doing a few things outside.. the hot and humid weather doesn't made it much better... singapore is a very nice and clean city... it isn't so that you'll get the death penalty for spitting on the floor but the signs for how you have to behave are all over the city and shows the fine you'll have to pay.. they are pretty high so i avoided to break one of the rules which was sometimes really hard.. when you're sitting in the metro and just want to drink your water, than you realize that you get a fine of around 500€ if they catch you... yup, life can be hard... i spend 2 evenings on sentosa which is a big island wich belongs to singapore.. there i made this awesome pics from the sunset which for sure be soon available on facebook... singapore by itself doesn't have that much sights but the flair of this city is lovely... so i recovered from my food poisoning and my body told me : let's rockn roll... which i did with the british guys at CLARK QUIA... for a long long night ... so the next day it was time for hung over... i did nothing... except in the evening i went back to CLARK QUIA with Lars and we got some beer.. we ended up in a reverse bungi which was pretty nice.. video is also available on facebook... after this night i had to leave singapore and went on to australia... once again with a slight hung over and a bad flight to brisbane, my first stop in Oz... i couldn't sleep any minute on the plane so i was bit destroyed when i arrived in brissi.... there i got on the train and tried to find my way to the hostel... it was such a warm and helpful welcome already at the airport... huh, we european can learn a lot from this guys what it means to treat visitors like visitors .... so with some help i found my hostel quite easily and was there at 9 am... which means i had to wait until 1pm to get my bed in my room... so i went for a nice walk along the river get a little bit of food and slept a little bit on the sofa in the lobby area... at least i got my bed but found no sleep anymore.. organizing my next trips, maps from the city, i was very enthusiastic to be a good tourist and do all the touristic stuff... as i said before, i was... in the evening i went down to the bar for a beer and came back to my room at sunrise.. wow.. day number 1 and 2 were gone.... having very noisy roommates doesn't made it much better so i didn't get that much sleep which i tried to catch up during the day... and guess what, next night same thing... but i had to get up the next day early to go to the coala sanctuary... yup, i wasn't sure who smelled more, me or the coala... and they really stink... so i went to the sanctuary and tried to enjoy which wasnt't hard for me in a zoo, because i love animals.. so i was cuddling a coala and pat some kangaroos.. lovely.. taking pictures my day went pretty well and this night i made it home early and without drinks.. i'm a brave man ... yeah but my lovely roommates thought they are alone in the room and had a good party there, without me because i wanted to sleep.... so i had no drink but only a few hours of sleep again.. i think my body already got used to only 4 hours of sleep.. the next day was sightseeing and exploring brisbane, this was good because it was my last day there .. so a nice day of a bit shopping, i bought some new running shoes and used them in the evening to go for a nice jog beside the river and in the park... the last evening needs to be celebrated and so i did... remember only that i had to pay 10 AUD for a beer.. wow... a bit expensive.... on saturday i made myself on the way to mooloolaba where i'm now to visit the "australian zoo" from steve irving (crocodile hunter)... i arrived at the hostel and i doesn't took long to find bunch of dudes to drink... yup, it put outside that the boys on a JUNGGESELLENABSCHIED and they invited me to come with them.... guess how the night ended... you have no idea.. i had to go home earlier because at an irish pub they didn't accept my austrian ID... i wasn't that sad about that because my body condition was ready for going home.... so i got to bed at 1:30 am and got some hours of sleep.. today was the day for the australien zoo... i never saw a zoo like that before where you're so close to the animals and the entertainment was soooo goood.... i really loved the zoo and would like to go there again... it was amazing to see this hughe crocodiles and you can go through a rain forest and the exotic birds fly all around you.... wow... or to see how they feed the crocodiles.. amazing.... tomorrow i will go to harvey bay and from there to fraiser island for a 3 days jeep safari.... so don't worry guys i'm really doing also different things then party but as you know as a traveller you have to adapt to the local custom ;=) so i will hopp on the greyhound bus tomorrow afternoon and go to the biggest sand island in the world....

see you later alligator

ps fotos will come later.. the mcdonalds free wifi is sooooo slooooow and i'm to cheap to buy an internet hour for 4 bucks ;(... tooo expensive....

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