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fraiser island and down to sydney

huha, what an experience to be on fraiser island... sand, sand, sand and more sand... but this island had much more... beautiful lakes with a fine, white sand i've never seen in my life... a clear water that you can drink out of the lake and make funny sandball match, a bit disgusting but fun... we gave ourself a nice peeling with the lovely sand too, sooo no old skin anymore... but let's start from the beginning... the group was set up by the organizing company and they put a lovely team together.. we had been 5 german, 2 english, 1 korean and me the austrian guy... we got a toyota jeep which brought us everywhere on the island... we went to the ferry and there we had our first surprise, we were to heavy... so we had to get rid of 200kg!!!! after funny, relaxed discussions with the ferry workers we had to get red only of 40kg.. but what to take away? beer, goon (wine) noooo wayyy.... so we dropped of one passenger .. no kidding... we had to ged rid of one person and put him on another jeep... so we catched the ferry and went on to our exciting adventure on fraiser island... after a cold can of beer on the ferry we set our car tires on the sand and brought our jeep to its borders.... we had very good excited drivers which drove us safely to the beautiful lake and the camp for the night... joe and i preferred to sit on the back and enjoy the warm beer ... in the evening the girls took care of the food and the men set up the tents and washed the dishes... the night was pretty fun and short... we went to a aborigine show... which ended with a lot of goon and painted faces... the next day i was waked up by a dingo which sniffed my face... at this time i realized that i slept outside because it was to hot in the tent... but i had no spiders or snakes in my sleeping bag... the 2nd day we went up to indian head where we saw a lot of sharks, rays and turtles.. afterwards we walked further to the champaign pools on a long beach without shadow and the sun burning down without mercy... heat, heat and more heat... sh****.... the champaign pools got their name from the white foam which is swepped into them from the waves... very nice view and a lovely bath in the secured area which is seperated from the bad, dangerous sea oohhh i didn't mention that you're not allowed to swim in the sea on fraiser island, why not? simple, you have very strong currents which sucks you to the open sea and if you're still the alive the sharks will secure that you're not coming back ;( so nobody wants that and we all stayed away from the water... did you know that some sharks can swim until kneedeep? no, bullsharks can do that and they are very agressive... it's a waste that you cannot swim in this beautiful water... after the even hotter walk back to the car we went up to a lovely drinking water creek and cooled down there.. back to the camp we made a nice dinner to get prepared for the drinking games in the evening... after some beer we went down to the beach to enjoy one of the best views of the sky i'ver ever seen... there is no light no island so the view is pretty clear and you can see the milky way.. amazing view and a lot of shooting stars... but the most amazing thing was the moonwalk... if you slide through the wet sand the plankton starts to illuminate and it looks you see hundreds of small light sparks on the floor... awesome... dancing to the rhythm of the guitar and the lightspots under you... wow...... and the goon made the rest to have a nice atmosphere hrhrhr.... the next day we had to say good bey to the island so we went to a lonely lake ate the rest of yesterdays dinner and made our way to the ferry.. back to the hostel we went for a last beer and everybody went early to bed.. the next day i took the bus to byron bay via brisbane... the drive was good but in brisbane my whole camera equipment had been stolen... so i arrived in byron bay totally angry and just went to bed after my arrival at the hostel.. the next day i went to the police where they told me i have to go back to the the other state and report the crime there... so the next day i went up to surfers paradise, made my report and went back down to byron... i spend a couple of days in byron with relaxing, get some surfing hours and did kajaking on the sea with some wave riding .... in byron i met a lovely swedish couple which offered me a ride down to sydney.. so i travelled with them the last days and will be in sydney on the 22nd... prepare for christmas .. on the way down i had seen coffs harbour, hat heads national park, the biggest moving sand dune from the southern hemisphere in port maguirie... and ended up in newcastle tonight... very relaxing trip with a lot of sleep on the backseat of the car... tomorrow we go to the blue mountains which is the last stop on our trip before we will arrive in sydney... so this is it for now and i'll try to get a new lovely camera to support you with amazing fotos from my sooooooo awesome trip...



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