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great, i'm sitting since 5 hours at the airport in lima and wait for my flight which should leave in 2 hours..... pah, nothing.. flight had been cancelled due to too less people....so i have to wait 6 more hours to get the flight at 10 am... uffff 11 hours on the tiled floor doesn't makes my mood better... but the best is that i made a mistake with my booking and i have to pay 25 usd extra... waaaahhh... i deserve a long sleep... but nevertheless my excitement for peru can't be brocken that easily and when i'm in cusco everything will be allright... hawaii was pretty cool and very bad for my liver .. had a lot of fun and too much drinks... the weather wasn't as good as i expected but i spend the most time on the beach with swimming, playing games and rent a cool ford mustang for a joyride through the island.. during this ride we saw great waves and lovely beaches with the awesome volcano landscape... that's hawaii in short

3 days later.....

hmm... yup i had a lovely night at the airport... this was 3 days ago and i'm already finished with cusco... after my arrival in the afternoon i had to explain on the phone, in spanish, that i'm at the airport in cusco and need a pick up... the problem was that i doesn't speak spanish .... after a while we worked it out and i took a taxi to my hostel... which was really nice actually, the hostel... i went straight to bed after they told me that machu picchu (which was the main reason why i went to peru) is no accessible due to the last weeks floodings which destroyed parts of the railway... yup, my luck is following me in peru ...

so i went to bed straight ahead and get up at 4 am the next day... 4am, wow i was smashed... i couldn't sleep anymore so i used the time to find out what to do instead of machu picchu... there are so many things to do and i had too choose... but it must be cool and cheap... btw, don't expect peru to be cheap... i learned a fast lesson ... so i made a nice sightseeing tour through cusco and hiked up to a former fortress... what a cool thing they made so long time ago.. wow... and the best was i met a real inca shaman... it was a weird man but i bought cool lucky charms from him )... and he also cleared my energy flow (for free, i bought so much, haha)... and he told me the same thing as the hand reader in cambodia "you'll get very old and find soon a girl to marry"... what the f***, who needs that... the only thing i want is what everybody wants ===> get unbelievable RICH !!!!! oooohhhh yyeeeaaahhhh.....

but he said no word about that so i have to find another spiritual person which is forecasting my fortune hohoho......

after the cool fortress i went to a place where they sacrified things, animals and people to warship their gods... actually there was none of this shows going on anymore because the spanish stopped it, a few hundred years ago .... so i went further and visited an another small fortress and a place with some water plays... whatever they were for... at the waterplace a thunderstorm was coming up and it started slightly to rain.. so i decided to go back to the city and have dinner...

i took one of this so called collectivos which are just small buses for 10 people... as we drove down the driver stopped after a while and went out of the bus.. what is going on, hmm... the driver took a bucket got some water from the ditch (thanks ginger for teaching me this word = ginger+motorbike+ditch) and cooled the breaks of the bus... whaaatttt.... now i was really afraid to stay in this vehicle down this narrow and turning road.. but, at this stage i didn't know that it's getting better hrhrhr... so we went further with water cooled fuming breaks and it started raining like out of buckets... as a further explained this buses are designed for 10 people.. not valid in peru and a lot of other places in the world.. i had no space to move that much after the bus was full, and i mean really full... i only counted to 23 and i'm pretty sure i missed some people.. hohoho.... that was much fun with all the people standing and sitting on my feet, legs, arms and partially on my shoulder and head... it was pouring outside and i still had this steaming breaks in my head.. after a while the bus controller which collects the money and opens the sliding door asked me in spanish if i want to go to placa del armas... i don't understood everything but i said yes and kept seated.. after a while i realized that he's trying to tell me that i have to get of the bus here... after i climbed ofter 10 persons i made it out of the bus into the rain ;(... 5 seconds and i was totally soaked... i actually had the rain jacket in my bag, where it kept dry .... so i put on my rain jacket and made my way back to downtown... which took a time because i lost my track, as usual.... back to the city i went for some food, did some shopping and ran around the touristic sites to watch people on the street...

wow i wrote pretty much for 2 days and one was only hanging at the aiport + sleeping

the next day i got up at 4 am.. ones again, there must be something.. so i worked out (i think i worked it out) that i have a jet lag... and a sunborn on my arms + neck... sun is pretty strong up here (3.500m)... i tried to get back to sleep but it doesn't work, yet.. so i spend my time with watching movies and planning my next steps... after a while i made it back to sleep and got up at 9... oohhh... i forgot to tell the people from the hostel that i stay one more night.. so i went down after a quick shower to tell them that i stay one day longer.. problem, no hombre... i went back to my room to get a short nap and woke up at 1 pm... hola..... a bit late... so i kicked myself out of the bed, or i tried until i recognised that it was still raining like in the morning... actually it was pouring... i made the best out of it and went back to bed hrhrhr... i woke up at 3 and it wasn't raining anymore.. yeahh... i took all my power to push myself out of the bed / room and went to the travel agency to buy a bus ticket to puno for tomorrow... it took a while to purchase the ticket because the girls english was a bit beter than my spanish.. we had a lot of fun without understanding each other... i'm really looking forward to my spanish course in argentina, hola evita... afterwards i went to the peruvian version of mcdonalds.. hmm... wasn't the best choice.. i tried the inca cola and the taste reminds of a similar drink from home but i have no idea which it was... at was already 5:30 when i went back to the hostel to wait for the darkness to go out again and make nice pictures of the city... after watching another stupid movie i went back to the city to take my pictures.. surounded by streetsellers i gave my best to get good shots of the main attractions by night...

actually i felt pretty safe in the city at night.. despite the info in the guides and from the tourist information... there was such a big police presence that it was almost impossible to commit a crime, which wasn't my intention.. i liked the presence of the police especially the female one... ooohhh they look good with their spanish touch... rrrrr... they look almost as good as the female israeli soldiers... ohohoho.... girls + uniform what a combination... okok.. focus robert focus... i said focus robert!!!

ok, gonna stop writing now because it's already 2:30 am and i guess i'll be up again at 4... so have a good rest, or good morning whereever you are..



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